This is C Land

You may think we are just like any other company. But we’re not.

As a freestanding freight forwarding and logistic partner we work closely with some of the world’s leading airlines and shipping companies. We administer air – and sea transportation to and from every continent in the world. That makes us just like any other logistic partner.

But what makes us different is the way we always put our customers needs in first place.

We believe that our customers appreciate a flexible logistic partner who is unrestricted when it comes to choosing the best possible solution. Who has the competence to look after the entire logistical flow. We also believe that our customers would like their specific needs to create the terms, with a guarantee that the work is carried out in the best possible way. Simplicity is the key word.

We know that a satisfied customer is our primary asset. We also know that our personal commitment could be the vital difference between being great and just being. And with many years of combined experience we know the industry. We know it so well that we are cutting edge when it comes to creating new solutions, practical as well as technical.

Welcome to C Land Logistics